West Town

West Town joined Chicago Proper in the 1800s and is another sect of Chicago defined by the river that encompasses many unique neighborhoods and cultures.

Welcome to West Town

Live well in an artistic, electric, and famed district
West Town joined Chicago Proper in the 1800s and is another sect of Chicago defined by the river that encompasses many unique neighborhoods and cultures. Besides the river that formulates the boundary on the east side, the south and north parts of West Town were defined by where the railroads crossed through Chicago. As a major early American city, the first rail lines served an important part of Chicago's industrial prowess. The neighborhoods within West Town include East Village, East Humboldt Park, Noble Square, Pulaski Park, River West, Smith Park, Ukrainian Village, and Wicker Park. Although there are many neighborhoods, West Town is less densely populated than many other parts of Chicago and is considered a historical melting pot.

What to Love


  • A less densely populated, quieter residential area with many single-family homes
  • Home to many artists, musicians, and athletes
  • Historic Pulaski Park and large Humboldt Park
  • Meatpacking companies and factories became fashion houses and gourmet food
  • Historic Ukrainian Village and museums dedicated to its story
  • Revitalized and renovated factories now repurposed for artistic endeavors

Local Lifestyle


Many locals in West Town are invested in the local arts scene and adore the microbreweries, unique shops, studio spaces, and blossoming arts district here. There are many specialty stores, restaurants with international cuisine, and innovative small businesses in West Town. Many residents feel this is a quieter side of town, and two major parks give people plenty of space to relax and take in Chicago's scenery.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment


West Town has many exquisite, one-of-a-kind restaurants run by creatives. Beatnik West Town is a glamorous space with unparallel decor, beautiful chandeliers, and a mesmerizing interior, perfect for a date night out. Mr. Brown's Lounge is a hip Caribbean bar that pays homage to reggae DJs and artists. The California Clipper is a beautifully restored bar in a building constructed in 1937.

Esmeralda's Lounge is a trendy bar with one of the biggest patios in town. The Perch Kitchen and Tap is a glamorous yet industrial bar in the middle of West Town.

To get a sense of the romantic rooftop venues in Chicago, visit Kennedy Rooftop to see the stars and waterfront north of Pulaski Park.

Things to Do


Many West Town residents enjoy a hip, fast-paced lifestyle and embrace the local businesses that cater to their style. The AIRE Ancient Baths harken back to the tradition of the Roman baths and lets visitors experience rooms of varying temperatures, steam baths, and massages —all in a restored, historic factory from 1901.

There are many galleries in West Town, but Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art is one of the best places to begin and start learning about the Chicago art scene. Ignite Glass Studios is a superb reflection of the glassworks in this neighborhood. The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art is a key artistic center that encompasses West Town's heritage.

Smith (Joseph Higgens) Park features a swimming pool, sports courts, and a WWII tank on display for those interested in American memorabilia. West Town has some overlap with Humboldt Park, and the 208-acre park on the neighborhood's west side is an excellent place to visit.

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